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Historical Development

This page details the beginning of the Inca civilzation, and the creation stories they believed.

In the beginning

The Inca nation emerged in western South America. They were an aboriginal Indian civilization with a very distinct culture. They had a large rule over the land till they were defeated by the Spanish.

Anicient cililizations relied on mythology to explain life. The Inca were no different. They believed that they simply began there by the will of gods. Oral tradition was the only way history was handed down in generations and the stories that became myths lost the truth in their history. There are still monuments and stone carvings that tell these stories. A lot of what is known of them is from the Conquistadors.

The Inca's true historical development is unknown because they had no system of writing. It is mostly based around religion. It is believed that they had some ancient connection to Rome and other ancient civilzations before they migrated to South America. The first Inca believed in a thunder god which was similar to Zeus chief god of Greece. The Inca also possess an affinity to ancient Egypt.


The Legend of Creation - Myths about the Ayar brothers

"Four pairs of brothers-sisters, created by Viracocha to rule the world, left the cave of Mountain Pacariqtambo. The whole world was living in an uncivilized and ignorant manner. The newcomers began by organizing the mankind and divided people into ten large communities.

Leading the tribes the brothers set off in search of enough fertile land to sustain themselves. They carried Sunturpaucar, a long staff adorned with colorful feathers, a cage with a sun-bird who could give good advice and other sacred objects in front of them.

Making shorter and longer stops they moved towards Cuzco. In the course of the long journey the group became smaller: the rivaling brothers confined one of their companions to a cave, two others wished to break away but were turned into stones. The only surviving brother, Ayar Manco, also known as Manco Capak, accompanied by his sister and wife Mama Ocllo and his brothers' wives, founded the city of World Pole in the name of Viracocha the Creator and Inti the Sun God, and settled there with his people. "*


The Legend of Creation - Myth of Manco Capak and Mama Ocllo

"A long time ago when the world was filled with savages, misery and poverty, a brother and a sister, who were also a married couple - Manco Capak and Mama Ocllo - left Lake Titicaca.

Inti, the sun god sent them to refine the surrounding peoples. Inti gave them a golden stick for testing the land for cultivation and then settling in a suitable place.

The journey took a long time. Eventually, in the Cuzco Valley the golden stick disappeared into the ground, and they could start with their mission.

Manco Capak taught his people the cultivation and irrigation of land and handicrafts. Mama Ocllo taught the women spinning, weaving and sewing. The tribe of Manco Capak was called Hanan Cuzco (Higher Cuzco). The relatives of Mama Ocllo were called Hurin Cuzco (Lower Cuzco). "*

The two creation stories above come from the site crystal links. The actual link is on the the bibliography. If you would like to learn more of the Inca then you should check out this site.